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Tele Health Care is the Future

Telehealth care is complete medical treatment delivered directly to your device. Telehealth Services supports you during every stage of your health journey to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Telehealth Services

Personalized care, designed just for you

Primary Care

Simple access to the daily care you require

Worry less about your health when you have access to doctors who know you and can give the treatment you require for lifetime wellness.

Integrated Behavioral Health

A collaborative team of mental and behavioral health experts, a program made just for you

With clear treatment processes, defined plans, and committed guidance, we help make mental healthcare more manageable.

Everyday Care

Daily support for a better, healthier future

Get the help you need to alleviate medical stress and make living with a chronic condition simpler.

Health Assistance

Extra assistance for members in greatest need

Outside of doctor's appointments, rely on Babylon for assistance. A team of nurses, community health professionals, social workers, and others are committed to assisting you in obtaining the resources you require.

Specialty Network

Experts on call for specialist recommendations for fast, accurate guidance

Get the specialist care you require without the long wait periods associated with traditional consults.

Hospital Aftercare

After you leave the hospital, you will continue to get assistance at home.

Reduce disorientation and increase confidence after returning home from the hospital. You may concentrate on your healing process knowing that a complete team is there to support you, answer your concerns, assist you in obtaining resources, and more.

nurse with patient

Get care when you need it, wherever you are.

My health care support provides individualized telehealth services to members around the clock, right from your device. We offer primary care, behavioral health, and support to persons living with chronic illnesses. Our digital tools assist you in tracking your health and planning for the future. Set objectives, make lifestyle adjustments, and use telehealth services to stay healthy.

Feeling Sick? Health Support Is Here For You.​

When you’re unwell, Health Support provides you with access to information, health monitoring, and healthcare specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you can receive the appropriate care as soon as you require it.

Use our Symptom Checker to find out what might be wrong, and understand what to do next.

Get easy access to your Care Team of doctors, nurses, therapists, social workers and more.

Choose your doctor, so you can get the right treatment and medication.

Need access to healthy food, transport or housing? We can connect you to your local community health services.

Feeling well? Health care support is still here for you.

Our doctors use health care support to develop and track your own health objectives when you’re in good health. This can help you avoid the hospital and maintain control of your health.

Answer a few questions about your health, lifestyle and family history. So we can understand your needs.

Get matched to your Care Advisor, a registered nurse, who will guide you through your health journey.

Choose your doctor, so you can get the right treatment. You will also have regular checkups and wellness visits.

Create your Care Plan together with your doctor and Care Advisor. Set personal health goals and monitor your progress.

Use of AI

Health Care Supports Cloud Services

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. A true change.

We’ve created a game-changing digital platform by combining cutting-edge AI with the best human knowledge. It can improve your organization’s consumer experience and direct users to the appropriate services and information—all while lowering costs.

Get A Holistic View Of Every User’s Individual Data And Clinical Risks​

When you're unwell, Health Support provides you with access to information, health monitoring, and healthcare specialists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you can receive the appropriate care as soon as you require it.

Improve member and patient engagement

We got 2-3x higher brand recall by incorporating Symptom Checker into our partners' customer acquisition channels.

Navigate members to the right care

More than 60% of our Symptom Checker customers are guided to out-of-hospital settings, increasing efficiency and decreasing system waste.

Make preventative clinical interventions

For each user, our My Health tool collects 118 health data points in order to generate unique risk scores and health insights.

Provide members with 24/7 health information

The app has received a rating of 4.8 stars. Symptom Checker's advice is followed by nearly two-thirds of users.

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