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At My Healthcare Support, we strongly believe your health is our health. We understand how difficult it is to look for trained medical and paramedical staff while being busy with day-to-day schedules. We are an employer, whose aim is to provide highly trained and qualified DoctorsNursesHealthcare workers, and Allied Health Professionals. Our mission is not to provide the professionals we are closely working with NHS to maintain and achieve high standards in the health sector. As an employer we are implementing Artificial Intelligence to improve our health industry.

We have a pool of trained staff which we provide to our trusted partners. We hire from across the globe to meet the requirements and fill the vacant medical and non-medical staff positions across the England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.


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Our mission at My Healthcare Support is to innovate the Health Sector by using Artificial Intelligence.

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Our Clients Reviews

Prof. Ethan R. Medical Researcher

I give them 5 stars without hesitation. The innovative approach they bring to healthcare, especially with Al, is groundbreaking and something the industry truly needs.

Prof. Maria S. Health Tech Consultant

The innovative approach of My Health Care Support, especially their work with Artificial Intelligence in health monitoring systems, sets them apart in the industry. They are not just healthcare recruiters but pioneers leading the way in enhancing healthcare services.

Dr. Isaac N. Health Tech Innovator

Their commitment to innovation, especially in integrating Artificial Intelligence with health monitoring systems, is groundbreaking. My Health Care Support is undoubtedly setting new benchmarks in the health sector.

Laura K. Family Member

4 stars. Reliable, professional, and they really understand the individual needs of their clients. A great asset to the healthcare community!

Dr. Alan B. Healthcare Facility Manager

We've been thrilled with the quality and reliability of healthcare staffing solutions from My Health Care Support. They connected us with top-notch medical professionals who were the perfect fit for our facility. Truly a trusted partner in healthcare staffing!

David M. Healthcare Facility Owner

Engaging with My Health Care Support for our staffing needs was a decision well made. Their ability to connect us with the right medical professionals swiftly has enhanced our healthcare service delivery remarkably.

Sara J. Clinic Manager

A solid 5 stars. The staffing solutions are top-notch, and they make the recruitment process a breeze for healthcare facilities. Highly recommended!

Emily R. Family Member

The professional live-in care service provided by My Health Care Support has been a life-changer for our family. Their experienced nursing team ensured our loved one could live safely and comfortably at home. We highly recommend their services!

Jordan T. Medical Professional

The dedication of My Health Care Support towards improving healthcare outcomes is commendable. Their staff is professional, compassionate, and truly top-tier.

Alex P. Health Tech Innovator

stars! The personalized care and attention provided by My Health Care Support are unparalleled. Their team is professional, respectful, and extremely knowledgeable.

Sophia L Family Member

My Health Care Support is synonymous with quality and reliability. Their personalized non- medical support services have been invaluable in assisting our elderly loved ones. They ensure a dignified and independent living experience


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions or concerns? Don’t Worry our Frequently Asked Questions page contains all the answers to your general queries. if you have any specific queries, you may contact us by sending us an email or by connecting with one of our representatives using our chat support system.

We partner with a range of healthcare providers, research institutions,
and tech companies to drive innovation and enhance the services
available in the healthcare sector.

Organizations interested in our healthcare solutions or partnership
opportunities can contact us through our website or by direct
communication with our business development team.

  • We invest heavily in research and development, continually updating
    our technology suite with the latest innovations like Al and machine
    learning to provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions.
  • We prioritize continuous improvement, stay aligned with international
    health standards, and collaborate with global health leaders to keep
    our services world-class.
  • Our professionals undergo comprehensive training that includes
    cultural sensitivity, allowing them to provide care that is respectful of
    and responsive to diverse cultural health beliefs and practices.

We monitor international healthcare regulations closely and adapt our
practices to be compliant with the varying legal and ethical standards
across the countries we operate in.

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